31 Days of Hope and Healing

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I am so glad you joined me today! For the next thirty-one days I will be writing on the topic of hope and healing. Why? Because I have been in such desperate need of it myself! For me, I have needed emotional healing from damaged relationships. It has been a long journey. A painful one. Yet, one that has led me closer to Christ. One that has made me stronger. One that has made me more tender towards others.

Who should take the time to read this series? See if you fall into any of these categories...
You need to forgive someone in your past. 
You struggle with whether God really loves you. 
Dealing with people is hard for you. 
You tend to be a doormat around others. 
You have severely wounded another with your words or actions. 
You feel "damaged" by your past. 
You wish that your broken relationships were whole again. 
You want to help others on their journey towards healing. 
There is bitterness in your heart. 

Any of these fit you? If they do please stop by often this month to read. Below is the list {with their links} of topics I will be covering. Please note that the links won't be live until the day of posting. It is my prayer that God will use some of this information to help you on the road to healing.

1- Introduction
2- Unrecognizable
3- The Power of Brokenness
4- Five Ways to Make Peace with your Past
5- Slow Down to Heal
6- Dealing with Relational Angst
7- Forgiveness and Reconciliation
8- Bible Studies for Healing
9- Writing your own Psalm 136
10- Dealing with Church Hurt
11- A Book List for Healing
12- Verses of Hope
13- Characteristics of Safe People
14- Using a journaling Bible to Heal
15- SALT for your Relationships
16- When People are Kittens
17- Journeys of Healing
18- How to Fall Apart with Jesus
19- Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse
20- The Healing Power of Gratitude
21- Making an Apology Count
22- The Fruit of Bitterness
23- Healing by Helping
24- Five Ways to Deal with Anxiety and Depression
25- Dealing with Rejection
26- The Difference between Peacemaking and Peacekeeping
27- Finding Your Voice
28- Verses to Pray for Emotional Healing
29-  Quotes on Pain and Emotional Healing
30- How to Heal Others
31- The Benefits of Walking Wounded

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