Writing Your Psalms 136 {When You Need to Remember You are Loved}

Friday, October 9, 2015

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A full week of insomnia and raw emotions can leave me empty. I can't think straight. The whole world looks dismal regardless of what reality is. So on Thursday I picked up the devotional the boys and I have been going through and started reading. Paul David Tripp writes about Psalm 136 and how it is a history psalm and a love poem. Expressed over and over again is the concept that His love remains no matter the circumstances.

It then hit me. I needed to write my own Psalm 136. I needed to recall what has happened in life and that through it all His love has endured. I need to be reassured that even though I have experienced deep hurt His love has always been there for me. Following the model of the psalm, I wrote one short statement of my personal history and then the phrase, "His love endures forever." With each statement came peace. Life has been difficult at times, but in the end His love is a constant. He has loved me at my worst. He has loved me even when others have not. He has loved me in the heartache. He has loved me!

Here are a few of the statements that I can share publicly...

Give thanks to the Lord because He works all things for my good.
His love endures forever.
He has done for me what I could not do for myself.
His love endures forever.
He allowed me to be broken.
His love endures forever.
He walked me through heartache.
His love endures forever.
He allowed what happened to me to free me.
His love endures forever.
He delivered me from fear.
His love endures forever.
He gave me space and time to heal.
His love endures forever.

This exercise in writing has been healing for me. I can look over the past and realize His love was with me in all of it. Yes, there were hard circumstances. There were times I thought He had abandoned me. There were times I wondered if He really loved me considering what was happening around me. We all go through situations when we wonder about His love. Maybe it is time to pick up a pen and get some paper. Write to remember. Look at your past to know His love was always present. His love never left. You are His beloved and His love endures forever.
The devotional that inspired me to write my Psalm 136...

  New Morning Mercies

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Carly said...

Thanks, this is such a great idea. I will give this a try.