Verses of Hope

We all need hope in order to wade through life. There are seasons when we may need it even more. I am in one of those seasons. A few weeks back I went and bought a stack of pretty index cards ringed together. My goal was to collect verses of hope that I could read each morning. 

Life has been a series of losses for so long now that I need an extra dose of hope almost daily. My lifelong fight with depression and anxiety don't make the grieving any easier. I literally have to battle myself to re-frame my negative thinking. Maybe you do, too? Are you suffering? Feeling like life is too hard to be happy? Grieving? Wishing that whatever has become of life was not your reality? I have been there. I AM there on many days. On the tough ones I have to constantly realign my thinking with His. Not easy, but worth it if I am going to make it through.

I would love to share with you the verses of hope tucked away in my stack of index cards plus a short devotional on each of them.  My prayer is that you will find hope in His Word even if life is less than perfect, less than good. I am praying for you...even if I don't know your name or your situation...praying that God will give you hope.

Here is a list of the posts. More will be added as time goes on and I search for hope.


Rebecca Whitfield said...

What a lovely reminder that we never know what each person may be going through. I think everyone has those moments that are just too overwhelming to handle. Knowing that God is right by our side and that He 'rejoices over us with singing' (Zephaniah 3:17), helps me overcome those hard moments. Thank you for reminding us that each person is precious in God's sight:)

Dawn said...

So grateful that your posts about hope were still available when I needed them.

Debbie P said...

Dawn- Glad they were a blessing to you!