Everything We Need {Verses of Hope}

Friday, October 31, 2014

There are mornings when I think I may not make it through the day without a gallon of coffee. There are days after an insomnia-filled night that I am convinced a nap is what is needed. Then there are hard days when I know I HAVE to talk through life with a friend. Days when teaching is so hard that I feel I must have a break or I will pull my hair out. But for all those things I think I need to make it through, God says I already have all I need: His divine power.

His divine power can gets us through the tough days. His power can help us navigate the grouchy co-worker or the screaming toddler. His power makes dealing with a teenager possible. His power gets us through grief when we feel our hearts might burst. All we need is His divine power.

But His power isn't just for us to get through the rough spots. II Peter 1:3 says it is all we need for godliness! Forget muddling through. We can have a higher goal of living with godliness in the midst of the messes. So many times I forget that I don't have to muster whatever I think I need to make it through. He does that for me. When I need to give grace to another He supplies it. When I need stamina He hands it over. When I feel I can't go on He gently pushes me forward. He is all I need to live this life and live it well. Our God gives us the power to do what we and a gallon of coffee can't: Live a life of godliness.

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