The One that Builds Doors of Hope

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. Hosea 2:15

{Note: "Achor" means trouble.}

What devastated me should not have done THIS. The pain was supposed to destroy me. The trouble was supposed to take me over.  My hurt should not have formed into a bud of hope, but I am learning that that is how God works. He lets the heartache nourish hope. He allows the very thing that was meant to demolish us in order to grow life in us.

You have heard the saying that when God closes one door He opens another. Maybe that's true, but for me the real miracle is when God leads us to a valley and then He constructs a door that leads to hope. It is our only way out of the hope in Him. It doesn't mean we always know where this waiting on Him will lead. Like me, sometimes we have no clue, but we hope just the same. About two years ago I went through a valley with no hope in sight. I thought I wouldn't survive it emotionally. I thought I would be forever changed for the worse. I thought there could be no good that came from it. Then came God with hammer and nails to build a door. Once a carpenter always a carpenter. He is the Builder of doors of hope.

So what valley are you walking in today?
Loss of a job?
A death in the family?
A spouse that walked out?
Emotional Abuse?
Church hurt?
The repercussions of your own sin?

You need to call on the Carpenter who knows how to construct doors of hope. Trust Him. He may not change you circumstances entirely, but he will create hope in a life once shattered. I know He did in mine.

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Jen said...

It is amazing to me how God leads us to what we need, when we need it. I found a link to your review of "You'll Get Through This" (which I also just finished reading), and I started following you. This post really spoke to valley is a severe health problem, but God is leading me through it, andcwhen I find "signposts" like you I know I'm going in the right direction! Blessings.

Debbie P said...

Jen- I am so glad that this spoke to you! Sometimes I never know as I write if it is going to be a blessing to others. So it was great to hear that it was for you. I will be praying for you!