When Healing is on Your To-Do List

Friday, January 23, 2015

When you are wounded you begin to wonder if you will ever heal. It just doesn't seem possible. The hole is too gaping. The cut too deep. You try to swim, but all you do is sink in sorrow. 

My deepest desire for this year is to heal. To be healthy. WHOLE. I am doing whatever it takes. I am a list maker and love checking off things on the list. Heal. Check. However, it doesn't quite work that way. Some say time heals all wounds. Not so, but healing does take time. In my list-making efforts I forget the most important part. The most important PERSON. Healing doesn't come totally through  a long list of to-do's. Healing comes from a loving Lord.

I still feel that in order to heal I need to work toward healing my heart, but Jeremiah 30:17 is a sweet reminder that I can "let go and let God" as the saying goes. Ultimately, He is the one reshaping me. He is the one that allowed the heartache to come crashing in. Not to break me beyond repair, but to make me new. To refine me. I can rest that He will bind the gaping wound. Stop the bleeding. Pull me out when the water gets too deep. I don't have to have it all together to be healed. I can heal while He pulls me all together.

Are you in a place of brokenness? Feel like you will never get out? Do you wonder if you can be put back together again? He heals. In His own time. In His own way. It will happen...

Heal. Check.

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Melinda said...

I so needed these words dear friend. I'm on the healing journey too. God used your words as a bridge to hope. Thank you.

Debbie P said...

Melinda-So glad that it was helpful!