Feathers of Hope

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I have decided to continue. Last month I did a series called Verses of Hope. Because I, of all people, have needed a bit of hope. When life gets hard the only thing that can sometimes pull a person through is a smattering of hope splashed on a dark canvas. Hope allows a person to press on when she wants to give up. Hope gives stamina to the weary traveler. Aren't we all a bit weary at times? 

For several springs in a row we have had a robin's nest in our backyard. Each year we had the privilege of baby robins hopping through our grass on their journey to learn to fly. One year I had one perched on my watering can located in my greenhouse observing me in complete peace. But it was anything but peace outside the greenhouse. War had broken out. My mini Schnauzer had innocently stumbled upon a baby in the grass and was curious. Screeching sounded the alarm. Then came the reinforcements. Five or so adult robins dive bombing the dog on the ground. They wouldn't let the baby go without a fight. They were determined to do whatever was in their power to protect the young one to ensure that one day he would learn to fly and live a full life. 

Our God is an adult robin. He will protect us. Fight for us. Do whatever it takes to make sure we live life full. It is all out war. May we never forget that He is for us and when the world turns scary He is the one that shields us. When we feel the need to hide He is waiting in the wings to provide His wings as a refuge. We can have hope He is there and will go to great lengths to see us through.

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