The Power of Brokenness

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A lone egg left in the nest after a season of raising babies.  It looked perfect.  A little dirty, but not a crack to be found.  Perfect.  Yet unfruitful.

While we hate hurt, plead for no pain in our lives, and avoid annoyances at all cost, the fact still remains.  Brokenness brings life.  No egg ever gave birth to a baby bird by being totally intact. So why do we try to walk away, push away, and flee from the very thing that can bring us life?  We fight it with all the strength we have.  The irony?  Facing it makes us stronger. Facing it brings freedom. Taking it straight on brings life. The more broken you are the bigger your potential to bless the world.  Ask the egg. The broken one that leads to chirping in the morning. A fluttering of wings heard nearby.  A splash of color in the sky. The whole egg? It can't boast of such magnificence. 

I used to think I wasn't broken. Came from a perfect family.  Perfect grades. Perfect behavior.  That was a lie.  Even Christ in His perfectness was broken.  You can't bring forth life without it. Christ followed those same rules. Broken to make us whole. Beaten to set us free. Scarred to grant us salvation. The magnitude is almost too much to comprehend. There is no way of getting around it.  Facing brokenness brings freedom and blessing. 

I learned a long time ago life without cracks is a farce.  These days I am more broken than whole, but I am not fretting...knowing that God will use it somehow to bring life.  He already has. He continues to. He will in the future. Someday the brokenness will take wings and fly.

Are you struggling with your own brokenness? One of the ways to have hope is to realize that no matter what happens to you God can bring blessings out of it. Your brokenness may bless yourself or another.

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