Slow Down to Heal

Monday, October 5, 2015

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They say, "Time heals all wounds." While I don't believe that time heals ALL wounds {I believe Christ can heal our wounds though}, time does play a part in healing. First of all, healing takes time...often more time than people realize. Healing, also, slows down time. What do I mean by this? Healing is hard work...exhausting work. It also is a period of suffering. Anytime we have to work hard or suffer, time slows. It means that we need to slow with it so that we can heal.

As I have gone through the process of healing, I have not been able to keep up with my regular routines in life. One area that was affected was my quiet time. I used to plow through Bible studies. I LOVE God's Word and studying it, but the healing process made it difficult to keep up or even keep going. So one of the things that I did differently during this time was to just camp on a verse or two each day as I healed. I bought a ESV Single Column Journaling BibleEco Highlighter Pencils, and an Ink Pen Set so that I could highlight verses and journal about them. It has been such a healing experience for me. {Later this month, I will be posting about using a journaling Bible to heal.}

There were other aspects of life that slowed down for me as well...I didn't spend as much time cooking, spending time with friends, or doing ministry. I simply needed the time to repair my heart. At first, I felt guilt over it all, but soon I came to realize that slowing down helps the healing process.

So how can you slow down? Quit something so you aren't over committed. Take more time for yourself. Give yourself grace when you don't get everything done. Decide to rest in Him {This is a great book about healing and rest.}. In the long run you'll be better for it!

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