Three Benefits of Walking Wounded

Saturday, October 31, 2015

None of us wants the pain, and yet, it is through hurt and heartache that we grow as human beings. Pain purges us. Sorrow strengthens us. Trials trim away the weaknesses in our lives. Over the past few years I have noticed that my heartache has produces three "gifts" in my life. I have benefited from the pain.

Compassion. Those that suffer tends to have compassionate hearts. In many ways because of my personality I was already compassionate. You could say I was born with a "bleeding heart" for others. However, God has used the pain to encourage that compassion to grow in ways I wasn't expecting. One of the most surprising ways this has shown up is the heart I have for those that wounded me. They themselves struggle. I can forgive them because I now really understand that we are all truly broken. Compassion can lead us to work in the lives of others to relieve some of their misery. So maybe that is why God allows it in our lives so that in the end we can reach out to others that are hurting.

Wisdom. I lacked a lot of understanding before the heartbreak. I didn't understand people and what made them tick. I couldn't fathom the inner workings of pride, jealousy, and so many other vices that I saw in myself and others. The sorrow has given me deeper understanding and wisdom on how to deal with these sins and how to navigate the people in my life. It has taught me to listen to the "red flags" in others and to know who is healthy for me and who is not.

Strength. This one is huge for me! I used to be the woman born without a backbone. I lacked boundaries and the ability to speak up and use my voice. In an effort to please others I never stood up to anyone. I didn't have the strength to speak up for fear of creating conflict. Those days are over. Walking wounded has allowed me to stand my ground.

How about you? How has pain changed you? How have you grown? Take a look at what has happened and see if God has not give you some "gifts" along the way even though you walk wounded.

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Carly said...

I agree, there is a lot of good that can come from our pain and I have experienced that too. Thank you for this series- I have enjoyed dropping in and reading some of your posts.

Debbie P said...

Carly- You're welcome! I really do appreciate you stopping by and reading! :-)