Year in Review-2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009

As I reflect on this past year, I have seen how God has grown me over the 12 months.  Here are some highlights in the form of posts on my blog...

*God used the house fire of a friend to show me how to deal with adversity. There is so much to be grateful for even in the midst of tragedy.  One big thank you is that their dog (a female mini schnauzer) got out ALIVE...she eventually became Titan's mommy!

*I have learned to trust God more in scary situations like Tim's mishap at the ice park in March.

*That while my sons were the inspiration for the name of my being an architect and the other an artist. The real Architect and Artist is God.

*God showed me that you can chuck your plans in school and come up with some fun stuff to is ok if you go down a rabbit trail for awhile.  We did a mystery unit and one on Argentina.

*I have learned so much about reviewing products for the TOS has been an interesting experience with several months to go.  I have learned about some awesome products and even some to avoid!

*We started our workbox journey this year and have loved the system.

*God has been teaching me how to teach my oldest who we have suspected was gifted.  This past summer we had him tested, and our suspicions were confirmed. This has been my biggest challenge in homeschooling...because of his giftedness there have actually been problems with teaching him.  God has really shown me how to work with him.

*We had a great trip to the Yukon.

*We got to spend time with my dad.

*I learned some great spiritual lessons: Submission from a Schnauzer--Jesus, The One and Only--Me, Myself, and Lies--The Good Samaritan--Smelling Like Jesus--God and the Closet--A Lesson on Brokeness

*I am learning how to have an attitude of gratitude.

*We were blessed with an opportunity to get to know Tim's cousins who are missionaries in Malawi.

*God worked with my on word of the year.

I have much to look forward to in the new year, but I don't want to forget where God took me and the lessons we learned in 2009!  Praying for God's blessings on all of us in 2010!

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KimSD said...

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year!