Our Trip to the Yukon

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We recently got back from a 2,000 road trip in the Yukon. We basically visited all the places that were important to the Klondike gold rush which happened in the late 1890's. Miners would land in Dyea (near Skagway, AK) and then hike the Chilkoot trail with all their supplies for a year. They would then wait for breakup (basically spring and the breaking up of the ice on the rivers) to float down the Yukon river to Dawson City. We made our trip in reverse order going to Dawson first and then eventually to Dyea. It was an awesome trip filled with lots of history! Here are a few pictures of the journey....

On the ferry to Dawson City. Dawson is on the Yukon River and there is no bridge to it. You must ride a ferry to get there.
One of the remaining buildings in Dawson from the gold rush days.Zach with an inukshuk that he built in Keno, Yukon Territory. Do you know what an inukshuk is?The last remains of the town of Dyea, the starting point for the Chilkoot trail. The start of the Chilkoot Trail...read about the history of the trail here.

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Anonymous said...

What an awesome trip!! Love the pictures! :)