Missionaries in Malawi

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We had the unique opportunity this past week to meet Tim's cousin, Jeff and his wife, Mary.  They have been missionaries in Africa for over 20 years.  They are currently working in Malawi, but on furlough to the States until January.  The boys had a wonderful time with them listening to their stories.  Jeff is an awesome storyteller!  We heard about elephant poop falling on one of the missionaries in Africa while he was crouching down on the ground hunting. Jeff told of the crazy antics of monkeys stealing his coffee and baboons harassing one of the MK's (Missionary Kids) for his gold cross pin.  It was just hilarious!

Jeff and Mary hold a special place in our hearts as one year a long time ago when they were on furlough they asked Tim (my husband) to take them to church...that one invitation eventually led to Tim giving his life to the Lord.  I am eternally grateful!

We took Friday last week to do a quick study on Malawi.  Since the boys had already heard stories, they knew the name of the captial (Lilongwe) and other facts about the country.  I thought I would capitalize on this opportunity and have them do a lapbook of Malawi.  We used Homeschool Share's Choose-A-Country lapbook.  These lapbook pieces can be used for any country...so cool!  Here are some pictures...

Here are pictures of Jeff and Mary enjoying the lapbooks!

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KimSD said...

I'm glad you had such a great visit with your family! The lapbooks, as always, look wonderful! Good job boys :-)