Seven Ways to Do Bible Study

Monday, June 13, 2016

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Time with God looks different for different people. It can also look different depending on your season in life. Over the years, I have changed up my quiet time with Him to keep things interesting and keep myself engaged. Here is a look at some possible options if you are looking to spend more time with God or change up the way you do your quiet time. It is my prayer that I can encourage to find a method you can use to help you spend quality time with Him.

Early on in my Christian walk I relied on devotionals. These days I have moved away from reading them. There may be a time when I decide to go back to reading them again. Here are a few of my favorites:

Scripture Writing
One of the newest trends in Bible study is writing out the Scriptures. I provided theme-based verses each month that can be written out called Think on These Things. So far we have done these themes: New Beginnings, God's Love, Peace, Forgiveness, The Power of Words. There are others that provide schedules for writing out whole books of the Bible. Here are some schedules from His Mercy is New...
Psalm 119
This year I have been writing out the whole book of Psalms. Here is a look at what I have been doing and some tips for writing out His Word.

Women's Bible Studies
I have done a plethora of Bible studies over the years. Here is a post with a very long list of studies to choose from.

Women of the Word
In the past I have done the system laid out in Women of the Word. This book lays out step by step how to study God's Word for yourself. When I followed this method I was amazed at what I learned! Here is my review of the system.

The Bible in 90 Days
I have read through the Bible several times in 90 days. It has been life-changing for me every single time! By reading the Bible in about three months you really get an bird's eye view of God's story. I challenge you to do it at least once in your life! You can buy the Bible in 90 Days which separates the readings out for you or you can download the schedule here.

Praying the Scriptures
I love praying God's Word back to Him. Here are several resources to help you do that!

Journaling Bible
I have had a journaling Bible for little over a year now and I love using it to record notes, thoughts, and ideas in the margins. I use it also for my Think On These Things series to jot down my thoughts as I go through the verses each month. You can see it in action on my Instagram account.

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