Writing the Psalms {Tips for Writing the Word}

Monday, February 1, 2016

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I am almost afraid to write this post. What if I fail? I surely don't want the whole world to know. However, that thinking is ridiculous, because if I can encourage anyone to spend more time in God's Word it is worth the risk. So here goes...

I have committed to myself to try to write out the entire (Yes, you read that right...ENTIRE) book of Psalms this year. I know. I am half-crazy. I can tell you that many year long commitments go by the wayside when it comes to my resolve. I lose interest and quit. However, I am giving myself the grace that if I quit at least I have spent a good chunk of my time focusing on His Word. I am currently writing out Psalm 32...we will see how far I get.

So you are probably asking yourself...Why write out God's Word? Why the Psalms? I mean, really, the longest book in the Bible?

To answer the first question...I have a serious problem slowing down in life. It could be my anxiety...I always feel the need to race through everything I do. A few years ago, one of the Bible studies I was doing at home asked me to write out the book of Ruth. I did. Then I did Beth Moore's study on James. She also had the optional activity of writing out the entire book of James. I did. These were small books, but it gave me a taste of what writing out Scripture can do. It makes you SLOW DOWN! Slow down and really thinking about what you are writing. It is just what I needed to get myself to focus. Writing it out makes me think it through. The practice of writing the Scriptures is even mentioned in Deuteronomy 17:18..."And when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law..."

So why the book of Psalms? Because I fight fear on a daily basis. I struggle with an anxiety disorder which can lead to depression. The Psalms have to be the one book that I go to time and time again when I am afraid, worried, or generally just freaking out (which by the way I am a pro at!). The Psalms repeatedly ask us to trust God regardless of the circumstances. I need to be reminded of this daily. Every hour.

It may take me awhile to finish the Psalms...Actually, I counted it out...if I do about ten verses a day it should take me around 250 days. We will see how it goes.

So here are some tips to writing out God's Word:

  • Buy a journal. Having all your copying in one little book keeps things organized. I love 
  • these journals because they lay flat! Easier to write in.
  • Be consistent. Even if you don't write out a bunch of verses, it is wise to make a habit of doing a little each day.
  • Re-read after you write. I make myself read what I have written for the day. If I am in the middle of the chapter I will start at the beginning of it and read up to what I have written. Or when I finish a chapter I will go back and read all the verses from it. It helps give a big picture to what I just wrote down.
  • Don't stress it. This isn't about getting quickly to the end of the chapter or book. At least that is what I tell myself all the time. (Remember, I am the one that likes to race through tasks.) It is about letting God's Word soak into your soul. Slow down. Take your time.
Also, here is something to check out...a schedule for writing Psalm 119 which takes twenty-two days. It might be a way to get started in writing out one of the Psalms.

So I encourage you to find a passage, book, or section of the Scriptures and start copying them down! I would love to hear from you in the comments if you are doing this and what part of God's Word you are writing.


April McGowan said...

This is entirely too cool. I just finished copying Psalms last week. It took four journals (I'm addicted... Er... Love the Leuchtturm1917 and my Preppy fountain pen) and five months. I loved it. I'm also attending Bible study Fellowship this year, and have been copying Revelations. And now I'm on to Ephesians. There's a deeper connection when you write the Word in your own hand. And you get to know the author and THE AUTHOR so much more!

Debbie P said...

April- This is so awesome! Thank you for commenting and letting me hear how your experience has been. Five months? About how much did you copy each day? You are so right that there is a deeper connection!!!

Rebecca said...

Inspiring! I've written several of the epistles using the Journibles journals, but Psalms always seemed daunting. Love writing out Scripture, though.