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Monday, October 3, 2016

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I am not really much of an artist. I can't sing. I can't play an instrument, but I am highly creative. My medium is WORDS. So when a few years ago, journaling Bibles came out I knew I had to get one. I have loved mine ever since. It is the one Bible I use over and over again. I highlight and I write thoughts that hit me as I interact with God's Word. Writing words down on paper solidifies in my brain what I have learned (I know that that is not the case for everyone.). It helps my jumbled thoughts. I also love the fact that my Bible with all its notes, ideas, and quotes has the potential to bless someone else when I am long gone. So here's a look at what I do in my Bible...

First, if you are looking at getting a journaling Bible I would highly recommend the book, Writing in the Margins. Throughout its pages, it talks about the benefits of writing in the margins of your Bible and how you can leave a legacy for others through your words. I read it about a year ago, but I think I may go back and re-read to remind myself of all the great ideas that Lisa Nichols Hickman talks about in the book.

So let's take a look at what I do...

Here is a longer set of notes about how our speech should be filled with grace and seasoned with salt. I will have to admit that normally I don't write as many notes like this, but this verse really hit me last year as I was struggling with how much grace do we give others and how much truth do we say.

If you know anything about me or have read my blog for awhile, you know I struggle with the fear of man and rejection from people. I will probably struggle with it off and on for the rest of my days. So that is why these verses in Romans are so precious to me.

Recognizing a theme here? Yes, more on how to handle rejection from others by running into the arms of a loving Father. Notice that sometimes I make a note of another verse that correlates with the first verse.

Sometimes the words I write in the margins are not my own, but rather quotes I have read from great books like When People are Big and God is Small.

A favorite passage of mine on forgiveness.

Sometimes my notes are more light-hearted.

Once again, using a quote that fits the verse I highlighted.

As I read God's Word I wonder about the events and ideas that are talked about. For example, when Jesus ask the Samaritan woman for a drink did He ever get it? Or did their conversation sidetrack her getting Him water? Or like this passage above...I had never thought about God singing before until I read this. I had to chuckle at the fact that He sings loudly. How precious though that He will sing over us!!

So as you can see filling the margins of your Bible can bring deeper connections for you. Here are a few more posts on the subject:

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Allycia Lee said...

Love using my journaling Bible this way too!

Unknown said...

when will you post the October think on these things

Debbie P said...

It is already on the blog. Here is the link: