Journaling to remember His love

Monday, May 25, 2015

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I have been on a mission of late...looking for God's love. There are days when I desperately need His reassurance. There are circumstances in my life that at times scream to me, "You are NOT loved." I have become convinced over the years that a failure to know God's love means we stomp on others with the goal of attaining love any way we can. Those who believed they are loved don't need to be angry, vengeful, or discontented, because they know God is always on their side. I want to be that type of person...the one who can walk out into the world unafraid and able to love others simply because I am convinced of His love for me.

I have been using my Journaling Bible , these Highlighter Pencils, and pens to make note of verses that jump out at me about how God loves. This exercise in finding His love on the pages of Scripture has been a healing experience for me. After experiencing rejection and hurt, I have needed to take the time to remind myself He is always for me. I am sure I am not the only one.

Do you ever feel like God is sleeping on the job? Not aware of your pain or circumstances? Do you ever wonder if He cares? Will He fight for you if it comes down to  it? Will He come through in the end? Maybe it's time for some reminders. What is beautiful about highlighting the verses about how God loves and then writing a short thought about them is that you can page through your Bible at any time to be reminded of His care. You don't necessarily need a journaling Bible {Although they are nice, because you have more space to write}. All you need is a Bible, highlighters and a pen.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the verses that have meant so much to me as I heal from rejection and work my way back to resting in His love.

God is Always for YOU {A guest post I did at His Mercy Is New.}
The Healing Journey {A great book that uses Scripture and journal questions to heal your heart.}

So do you need a reminder of His love? Maybe it's time to start collecting His "love notes". 

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