Journaling Bibles as Gifts {Free Printable}

Monday, January 26, 2015

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The best gifts are personal ones where you put your heart into it, and God's Word is one of the best gifts ever given to us. So one day I realized that the combination of the two {God's Word and the heart of the giver} would make a great present for someone entering a new era in life whether it is as a graduate, a young adult entering the world, newlyweds, or brand-new parents. So here are some ideas on how to go about creating a gift journaling Bible.

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First, gather your supplies. Here is a list of what I use...

A Journaling Bible. I like the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible for gifts because it gives enough space to write a message or two about some of the verses on the page.

Eco Highlighter Pencils - These work great! No bleeding through the pages.

These Black Pens-Fine black lines for journaling.

Then you need to choose your verses that you want to share. It helps to write out your thoughts before putting them in the Bible to make sure you get the wording you want. To get some ideas take a look at these posts. These verses and thoughts will eventually go into Bibles to give my sons. I will probably have to shorten some of them, but it gives you an idea.

To give you some ideas here is a printable with lists of verses you can use for different situations: Grads, Newlyweds, and New Parents. For grads, you can give words of wisdom or speak blessings over their future lives. With newlyweds, I would pick verses on relationships and for parents there are lots of verses that pertain to teaching our kids or imparting wisdom. Hopefully, it will get your creative juices flowing and you can branch out from what I suggest. If you feel a suggestion doesn't fit then try some others.

You can see the file HERE.

Another great resource to find verses to use is 31 Scriptures to Pray for Your Family. I have been taking many of the suggested verses from this e-book to add to the gift Bible I am working on.

Here are a few photos of a gift Bible that I am working on to give you more inspiration...

I pray that I have given you enough inspiration so you can go and create a special gift for a loved one!

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