Dance of Grace

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The longer I live the more I realize we all need grace.  Grace given.  Grace received.  Grace for the brokenness.  Grace for the sin.  Grace for the imperfections.  Grace in our time of despair.  Grace in our joy.

{Baby duck on a lily pad}

We are an imperfect people. Messed up. Corrupted. Flawed. But most of all, hurting. As the hurting ones, we don't know how to dance. In our effort to sway to the music of life, we step on toes.  Lots of them. We inflict hurt on others. Sometimes intentional.  Sometimes obliviously.  And in the dance we sometimes have others step on us, bump into us, and make an unsightly mess on the dance floor.

So what do we do with the hurt?  The hurt we inflicted.  The hurt we received. We dance a dance of grace.  We move to a different song.  A song that says, "I am giving you what you don't"  A melody that repeats over and over again, "I am going to assume the best in you." One to the tune of "I know you are hurting.  I am going to treat you with care."

Is there someone you need to show grace to today? Ask the God of Grace to give you the strength to do it.

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