A List in my Head

Monday, February 13, 2012

"That's when I make a list in my head of every act of goodness..."--Katniss Everdeen


-Finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy
-Having two men that used to work with my dad praise him
-Zach's party
-That God is our defender
-A clean pup
-Peace that passes understanding
-Listening to Loving Well by Beth Moore and gaining insight on how to love those who are testy and are our foes
-An improvement in my afternoon schedule
-Warmer weather
-Noah's interest in Spanish
-Noah's drawings
-Zach's maturity
-Getting a haircut
-Finishing my freezer cooking for the month
-A great Sunday school lesson
-Pages done in my scrapbook album
-Tim helping out with Zach's birthday party

{Zach with his "Portal" cake--I guess Portal is a videogame that he loves and this is what the cake looks like that is in that game.}


Luke said...

The cake is a lie!

...if that doesn't make sense, ask Zach. He'll know [smile]. Great game!


Debbie said...

Luke- LOL! I had to ask Zach, and he confirmed that the cake is definitely a lie! :-)