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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back in June I started a journey. A journey that I have never taken before.  My journey is a trip through a book of the Bible not by just reading it or studying it, but by memorizing it!  It has been almost five months.  I recently finished memorizing the second chapter.  I have three more chapters to go!  I am going slower than I had hoped, but I haven't given up.  My goal is to get the whole book memorized by early 2012.  Here and here are some techniques that I am using to memorize James.

Imagine my surprise when I read that Beth Moore's new Bible Study, Mercy Triumphs, encourages you to memorize the whole book of James!  I recently started this Bible study and am getting so much out of it.  Her study is enhancing my memorizing and vice versa. This Bible study is different from her others in that there are different levels of involvement for it.  For example, you can choose just to watch the videos, or watch the videos and do the homework.  Or you could watch the videos, do the homework, and read Melissa's (Beth's daughter) information on James.  One of the levels involves memorizing the whole book.  Doing her study is keeping me motivated to continue memorizing even though it has been tough!

So what are you studying or memorizing?

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Anonymous said...

Our Bible study is doing Mercy Triumphs next semester. I am looking forward to it. Memorizing it is also one of the things she says you can do to go deeper.