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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Since the middle of June I have been working on memorizing the WHOLE book of James.  Am I crazy or what?  Actually, I know that it sounds like an impossible feat, but it really isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It just takes time and patience! I am about halfway through the second chapter and am starting to grind to a halt.  The whole process seems too overwhelming if I look too far ahead. I still have three and half chapters to go!  So I decided that I needed to do something different to keep myself going.

Last week I found Scripture Typer.  Have you ever heard of it? It is a FREE program (gotta love FREE) in which you either type or import the verses that you are memorizing.  Then you can practice typing out the verses in three different modes:

Type it- You are shown the complete verse and you type it below it to practice learning it.

Memorize it- You are shown parts of the verse and you type it below it to begin the process of memorizing it.

Master it- You are not shown the verse and you have to type it.

This is so awesome! I am now really able to focus on the details on what I am learning.  There are some tricks to the program....I tried to import my verses, but when I did I got the topical headings for each group of verses.  So I had to type out all the verses to get them into my account.  It was a lot of work, but in the process of doing it I was memorizing more.  Also, you have to type it EXACTLY like the original verse...this includes punctuation (maybe there is a way to turn off this feature, but not sure.).  So I guess I am going to be learning proper punctuation while learning God's Word! 

The system keeps track of what you have memorized and even gives you suggestions of what you should review.  So if you are thinking that you should be committing more of God's Word to memory this might be the way to go!

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