Memorizing God's Word

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I used to memorize...big chunks of Scripture.  That was when I was younger, and the brain cells worked better. Back then I memorize because I was told that that was what I was supposed to do.  Now I memorize because I need to renew my mind...think differently about life.

For awhile it has been on my heart to memorize the ENTIRE book of James.  It seems like an impossible task. James is such a rich book with practical advice. Last week I finally took the plunge...

One of the people that has inspired me to start memorizing again is Ann Voskamp and her posts at A Holy Experience.  On her site she has links to materials in order to memorize Ephesians and Colossians.  I really liked the book you could make to memorize Colossians, so I asked her if she had a template for it that I could us and just change the verses.  She didn't, but she gave me this idea....

Basically, you write out the verses in a small booklet and then work on memorizing them.  So that is what I have been doing.  Ann suggested these books..
Writersblok Bamboo Small Notebook, Ruled, Pack of 4, 3.25 x 5-Inches (WBB701).  I wanted to get started right away so I found some small notebooks of my own.  I have spent time writing out the first chapter and have memorized the first several verses.  I am just praying that I can follow through on this.  I have a terrible time on follow through with big projects!

If you are interested in starting to memorize more Scripture you don't have to start so big...pick a couple of verses and go from there.  And definitely read Ann's post on memorizing.  There are lots of great ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Ann's blog is SO inspiring for memorizing Scripture!! I have recently begun working on memorizing Colossians chapter 3!! yay!! It's hard work, but it's exciting work...and I'm praying, like you, that my mind and heart will be transformed in the process.