Multiplication Clock

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A few years back I posted about a multiplication clock that Noah and I made.  This year Noah is reviewing through five minute drills his multiplication and division facts.  So we are still using our clock.  We have gotten the most use out of this item than almost any other thing that we have created for homeschooling.

It looks like a lot of work and that it is complicated, but not really.  Here are the instructions. It is pretty simple to make. Probably the hardest part is the coloring of the clock.  If I remember right it took Noah quite a bit of time to finish that part.  I did draw the clock for him (the instructions tell you how) and write out the numbers so that they would be clear (he was much younger when we made it). But he did the coloring.  It was well worth it to have such a awesome study tool!

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