Booking it with the Classics

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Booking It at Life as Mom has totally motivated me this year!  My goal in reading for 2011 was to read a lot of the classics that I missed in high school and college.  I went to three different high schools so I missed out on reading some of the best literature out there because of all our moves.  I also wanted to read some of the classics in order to be able to pick the ones I want my oldest to read during his high school career.  He is going to be a freshman, and we homeschool. So it is up to me to pick out some of his reading.

So far this year I have read...

To Kill a Mockingbird (a new personal favorite!)
A Tale of Two Cities (another favorite!)
The Count of Monte Cristo (another favorite!)
Fahrenheit 451
Up From Slavery
Wuthering Heights (a re-read for me)
My Antonia (have to admit this was not one of my favorites)
A Christmas Carol
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

So what have you been reading lately?


Beth Stone said...

You've got some great books here on your list... I love the classics - "A Tale of Two Cities" is one of my own favorites. I love Dickens... Thanks for sharing, and happy reading!

Amy said...

Fahrenheit 451 was a great book. I recently read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time myself.

I have been reading mostly review books lately like Uncompromising and Jump off the Hormone Swing! :)

Enjoy your reading,
Amy @ Missional Mama