The Sea Chest

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday, January 12th is Noah’s birthday and I though we would start out our school in a special way by doing a “book teaser” for Noah’s next unit, The Sea Chest (from Homeschool Share). I love this book, but it always makes me cry so we will see if I can make it through the week without blubbering. We will be covering the following topics with the book:
*Social Studies: Famous homeschoolers
*Social Studies: Adoption
*Social Studies: Maine
*Language Arts: Personification
*Language Arts: Legends
*Art: Reflections
*Art: Showing Wind
*Science: Double Yolk Eggs
*Applied Math: Calendars
For a book teaser, I collect items that are related to the book and set them out on the first day that we start the unit. Noah then gets to go through them and figure out how they are important to the book. Here is what I collected for the teaser:
*Shells in a mason jar
*Maine State flag
*Small plastic birds
*”Double Yolk Eggs”-plastic Easter eggs each filled with two yellow jellybeans to represent the double yolks.
*Small plastic baby
*Small calendar
*A Lego lighthouse (complete with foghorn and beach house) built by Zach. Thanks, Zach!!!


Edwena said...

Very cool, Debbie. I've yet to do a book teaser and I must do one. Any ideas for Stopping by the Woods, it's our book up for the week. Maybe next week will be easier with us rowing The Snow Three Bears. Thanks for the inspiration.

carriejoy said...

I LOVE that book. We found it on one of our browsing missions. I should start checking HSS for our "browse" books. Bet lots of them are there! It made me cry too. I want it for my very own.

Jessica said...

Cute idea!