Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Noah is 8 years old today! My...where has the time gone! I can still remember your "Buddha Belly" and your hair that always stuck up on end when you were a baby....Gone are the belly and the fly-away hair, leaving those bright eyes and cute cheeks to remind us of your babyhood. You are such a joy! I love your perseverance, positive attitude, artistic bent, compassion, and your ability to keep me in stitches! I am praying that this year you grow closer to God and that He showers blessings upon you! Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!Here's a couple stories surrounding Noah's birth....If we had listened to Zach (who was three at the time), we would have known that our second child was going to be a boy too. Zach insisted from the time I was 5 months pregnant that the baby was "Hangboy". We kept telling him that it might be a sister and not a brother. But in his 3 y/o mind he just "knew" that it was a boy and that his name was "Hangboy". Well, there was no way we were going to name any child of ours "hangboy"...so we just kind of ignored the comments....at eight months pregnant I went into early labor (this was highly traumatic for me because I had miscarried the year before)...I went into the hospital and the dr. performed tests. She came back saying that my labor was backing off and I could go home, but before she left she said, "If this is a girl she will do fine if she is born early (baby girls are stronger than boys), but if it is a boy you better pray he hangs in there." Well, he did...born a few days before his due date..."Hangboy" had hung in there and made it to term...although his name now is Noah. The moral of the story: Listen to your three year old son...he may know more than you think!

Here is the story about how Noah got his name: We also joke that Noah almost didn't have a name....Tim and I had a terrible time picking out boys' names when I was pregnant with Zach. (now if we would have had girls this wouldn't have been a problem!). But you see, God has a sense of humor....when we picked out Zach's name we pulled out the baby name book and went through the whole book until we got to the Z's. The only thing left if we were to have a second boy was Zeke and Zero (no lie... "Zero" was a name in our baby name book!). We joked that if our second was a boy we wouldn't be able to come up with a name. But in the second half of my pregnancy with Noah we finally decided on the name Caleb...then at the last minute Tim changed his mind and settled on Noah. This was funny to me because he had always told me that we would never name a son of his with an "a" sound at the end...therefore Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Noah, etc. were out of the question! But who knows why at the end he changed his mind...I personally think God helped change his mind because after Noah was born and named we found out that "Noah" means "comfort" and how appropriate the choice was considering we had lost two babies.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Noah!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!

LisaM said...

Happy birthday, Noah! And thanks for sharing your memories, Debbie!