Scheduling Apologia

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the past year or so we have been using Apologia science and loving it!  Noah has done botany and is working through human anatomy right now.  Zach will be finishing General Science and will move onto biology for next year.

If you are using the elementary level books I highly recommend the notebooking journals!  They are so worth the money and make the learning experience easier on the parent and richer for the student. They include a schedule for the year, crossword puzzles, mini books to fill out, Bible verses to copy, etc. in order to review the material.

For the jr. high and high school level books there are some free schedules online!  Donna Young's site provides schedules for some of the books in the series. Next year Zach is doing biology.  I already have the schedule and there are vocabulary bookmarks that I can print out, too! So check out Donna's site to see if there is anything useful there for you. 


Robin said...

I love the notebooking journals too. It makes it so much easier to assign pages to the kids and they love the extra puzzles, etc. Definitely worth purchasing!

Layton Family Joy said...

hey Debbie - we are so impressed with Apologia I'm hoping to start science with my son next year w/ their currirculum!

(HSV is giving away Who is God today)!