Think on These Things {January}

Friday, December 18, 2015

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In a few days we will enter a new year. It is my goal in 2016 to re-adjusting my thinking to combat my ever-present anxiety and to learn to trust God no matter what happens in life. This past year I have come up with a system of meditating on a short passage of God's Word each day and then many times journaling about it. {See this post for more information.} Writing my thoughts helps me sort out what I have read and give me deeper understanding. So this year I am going to endeavor to provide a printable each month here on the blog of the verses I will use to do as Paul says, "think on these things". Our thoughts play a part in who we are, how we see the world around us, and how we behave. Each month there will be a different theme to the verses and at the bottom of the printable a few questions you can ask yourself as you read, meditate, and journal.

For January, we will focus on how God makes all things He doesn't change, but produces changes in our lives for our good and His glory. His plans prevail as ours may fall apart. He's got us covered even when we feel like everything is a mess! So will you join me as I think and write about the newness He brings?

Here is a quick list of the resources I use. You don't have to have these items as whatever Bible you have on hand will work. Any paper {preferably a notebook or journal} will do. However, I LOVE my journaling Bible as it is all in one place. It allows me to go back to a certain verse or passage and see how I connected with it.

Here are some resources:

A single column journaling Bible...

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (TruTone, Chestnut, Leaves Design)
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Black)
ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Brown, Flap with Strap)

Some highlighters {These are my absolute favorites!}...

Eco Highlighter Pencils - Set of 5 Colors

Black pens...

Black Ink Pen Set

I hope you will join me!


mary sowjanya said...

Love it. Looking forward for 2016

Allycia Lee said...

Hi! I found this on IG I believe (or maybe FB!) and I was wondering if you have an IG account!

Debbie P said...

Allycia- I do have an IG account. :-)