Breakfast in the Freezer Plans

Monday, January 31, 2011

One of my most popular posts has been the Breakfast in the Freezer Plan that I posted last fall.  I have done a correction or two to it.  You can find the updated document here.

Basically, a Breakfast in the Freezer Plan gives you a list of ingredients to shop for and directions to get several breakfast type foods into the freezer so that mornings are not such a hassle. It is my goal to post two more plans in the near future!  It is just a matter of me pulling together the shopping list and creating a document.  Here is an overview of the plans I am going to create:

Plan I {already available} -included scones, smoothies, breakfast burritos, chocolate butterhorns, and muffin mix

Plan II
Butterscotch balls
Egg casserole
French Toast
"Instant" Biscuits

Plan III
Cinnamon rolls
Buttermilk pancakes
Cornmeal waffles

Stay tuned!

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shopannies said...

looks like a delicious plan can't wait to get the butterscotch balls recipe