Grace Beyond Measure

Monday, January 31, 2011

God is so gracious to us...beyond what we can imagine.  Have there been tough things in my life? Sure, but He has seen me through them and walked beside me.  He has heaped His grace upon me even in the tough times.  I can never thank Him enough.


*A compassionate husband

*Great sons that make me laugh.

*My relationship with the boys

*Sleeping in when I get sick

*That God loves me even when I don't follow through on what I should.

*That He holds us in the turmoil

*A new Spanish student who has a British accent (so cute!)

*Good health....I realize that this is such a blessing when I do get sick


*Laughter with my students.

*Flowers from a student

*The Lord building me up when I feel torn down

*Hot soup

*Hot tea

*Buying new curriculum for the boys

*Knowing that God holds the future

*Time to read the Bible

*Watching The Hiding Place with the boys

*That God is with us no matter where we are

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