Breakfast in the Freezer Plan

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have been on a mission to have breakfast in the freezer so that it is easier to fix in the morning.  I normally get up in the morning to exercise and do my Bible study/reading.  So breakfast is not my main concern.  Below you will find a plan that I have laid out.  It includes a shopping list and all the recipes that you can make.  I plan to spend one Saturday a month restocking my kitchen for breakfast.  Hope you find this useful!

Refer to the recipes with the links below while you are making them.  Below you will also find a shopping list with some instructions on how to get it all done!

Scones *Note: if you don't have berries substitute another type of fruit (chopped apples, peaches, etc.)
Smoothie mixes
Breakfast burritos
Chocolate butterhorns

Breakfast Plan I


melissa said...

You have inspired me to get some breakfast in the freezer for fall. Easy, lazy summer days have left us with too many box cereal mornings.

Scarlett said...

Oooh, Debbie, those Chocolate Butterhorns look amazing! Thanks for sharing!!! We have a crazy new schedule for this fall and it would be great to get a few breakfast foods in the freezer.