Rats, Bulls, and Flying Machines

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Over the years while homeschooling the boys we have read several books about the Renaissance and the Reformation.  I have to admit that many of them have been dry. They have just not captured the interest of my boys. 

I think we have finally found a book that they have been begging me to read a bit more.  That normally doesn't happen with this subject matter. Rats, Bulls & Flying Machines: A History of the Renaissance & Reformation (Core Chronicles Ser. 1) makes the Renaissance and the Reformation come alive!

For example, here are a few tidbits we have gotten from this book that we haven't learned before in our other readings on this period in history...

*Do you know who John Gooseflesh (Johann Gensfleisch) is?  Johann Gutenberg's real name was Johann Genfleisch.  But he must have been ridiculed or something for his last name....so he took his mother's maiden name, Gutenberg.

*What is the floating city and how it played a part in the strength of Italy during the Renaissance?  I bet you could guess that the floating city is Venice.

*Who wrote, "My beard points to heaven and my paintbrush all the day does drop a rich mosaic on my face."? Michelangelo (when he was painting the Sistine Chapel).

Anyways, if you are looking for a good book to share with your kids on the Renaissance and the Reformation, try Rats, Bulls, and Flying Machines.

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