So Many Things...

Monday, April 26, 2010

holy experience be thankful for!

507. Going to the Curriculum Fair last week.
508. Warm, breezy weather.
509. The month of favorite month...the weather is warming and I am not working!
510. TOC sandwiches...grilled tomato, onion and cheese!  YUM!
511. Birds singing
512. Sitting outside to read.
513. Story CD's for the boys.
514. Friends to help me out in a jam when my internet was down.
515. A crockpot!
516. Almost time for gardening...can't wait!
517. Walking outside in the morning for exercise.
518. Time with other homeschool moms.
519. Learning more about literary analysis so that the boys and I can discuss some great books together.
520. PiƱa Colada tea

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