Homeschooling in April

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have a full month planned!  During April we will be studying the New Testament in the Roman world and the end of the Roman empire. Here are some of the books we will be using...

In science Zach will being finishing his study of the history of science (we are using Apologia's General Science).  Noah will be studying flowers and pollination in his botany course.
We are at that point in the school year when we start dropping subjects.  Once we get to a good stopping place for some of the subjects we will not pick them up again until full blown school starts back in August.  However, there are certain subjects that we don't stop until the book or curriculum is completed.  Math is one.  Zach will have to finish his pre-algebra before he gets a summer break from it (he should be done in early June if all goes well).  History is another...we need to finish off Biblioplan: Year 1 which is ancient history.  We have the fall of Rome and then a short study on ancient Asia and we will be done.

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