Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Search & Win

Are you familiar with Swagbucks?  I have been hearing about them for awhile, but never signed up.  A few weeks ago I took the plunge and did.  Basically, Swagbucks is a program in which you earn points for internet searches (at least that is the main way that I am earning them).  Those points can be redeemed for things like Amazon gift cards.  You can also earn points by shopping online and referring a friend.  Personally, my whole goal is to earn some gift cards so that I can feed my obssession for books!  But Amazon has so many other things (even food!) that the gift cards could be used for. In about two weeks I have earned enough points for a $5 gift card (450 points or Swagbucks).  Not bad! Not that I am going to get rich from it, but it is nice to have a little extra to spend.

With the tough economy lately every little bit helps.  So many people are penny pinching nowadays. So this is just another way to have a little more spending money.  So if you are interested, click here to learn more.  In the interest of honesty...if you use the links I have provided in this post or click on the Swagbucks icon on my sidebar on the left and sign up I will receive Swagbucks  for you signing up.

I have basically changed the way I go to websites now.  I have the Swagbucks toolbar that has a search window.  I tend to use the toolbar to do searches and to even go to the websites I visit often.  Sometimes the searches result in getting Swagbucks and sometimes not.  When I do win some Swagbucks it is normally 10 of them.  But there have been a few times I have earned 20 for one search.

So check it out!


Edwena said...

Love your new header.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Edwena!

cooperkelly4 said...

just checked out swagbucks with your link. I have4 often wondered what that was. Thanks! Kelly