Spring Blessings...

Monday, March 29, 2010

holy experience

451. Time with friends making beeswax candles.
452. Homemade pretzels
453. An opportunity to encourage someone who is hurting.
454. Titan and Aurik playing together for the first time.
455. Walks with Titan since the weather is warmer.
456. The anticipation of starting a new Bible study in a couple of weeks.
457. Getting an opportunity to make a little spending cash.
458. Easter coming up
459. Spring is in the air...even though we still have snow on the ground!
460. Lasagna!
461. Peace in my heart.
462. The ability to intercede for others.
463. God's protection and safety


UKZoe said...

I've been making all sorts of fascinating things with bread dough but haven't yet tried pretzels, maybe that should be on my list for soon.

Layton Family Joy said...

oh I just love encouraging others - AND LASAGNA!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the new header!! SO CUTE!! :)