Workbox Beginnings

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have been contemplating doing workboxes for several months. It has been such a craze in the homeschooling community. Basically, workboxes organize your day. Kids know exactly what is expected of them for each subject. My biggest issue has been the space that they take up (See pictures here of the original idea). Normally you use 12 plastic shoe boxes for each child. In each box you put one subject or activity. There is just no way we could do this in our house!!! We don't have the space for 24 boxes! I really liked Candace's idea for workboxes because they take up lesson space. However, when I went to Walmart I couldn't find the boxes she was using. So I came up with something different and yet similar. Here are my supplies: Plastic folders with pockets. I am going to cut these in half along the fold. These will be dividers for the different subjects. Since each divider will have a pocket, I can slip instruction cards in the pockets. I will use these when it is just a book for that "workbox". I will use gallon Ziplocs if there are a lot of pieces that need to go together for one subject/workbox.
These are 15 qt. Sterilite boxes. I bought one for each child. All their work for the day will go in these boxes. Each subject will be divided with one of those plastic dividers and/or a Ziploc bag. I will post tomorrow more about the set-up of our workboxes. Until then you can check out these sites for more info.
Just so you know, I don't have the Sue Patrick's original book to read about workboxes. I am holding off on getting it since I may be reviewing it this year for the TOS Crew. I have based my set-up on what I have learned from other homeschooler's blogs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great, Debbie! I hope you guys love it like all the rest of us do!! :)

Keep us posted on how it goes!

Michele said...

Great post Debbie! We have been using our workboxes for a couple of months now. I have yet to post about them. It's on my to-do list! :)