More on Workboxes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yesterday I posted about how we are going to start workboxes soon. Here is more about the set-up on our workboxes. I created instruction cards that I can slip into the dividing folders to let the boys know what they are to do in each subject. I am going to laminate these so that they are reusable.For two of our curriculums this year the boys will need to listen to a track from a CD. This card will let them know which track. Since the cards will be laminated, I can write in the track # with a wet erase pen. When they are done with that subject I can just wipe off the number.With several of the subjects we do (like math), my boys are required just to do the next page in their workbook. That's where this card will come in handy.For subjects that the boys need my help with or that we do together. Here are the boxes halfway filled so that you can see what they look like. We are currently doing light school this summer so I won't officially start the workboxes until this fall.Since each divider has a pocket, I can slip in an instruction card so the boys know what is required of them.
My goal is to fill the boxes each night so that we can start right away in the morning with school. I am hoping that this will make the boys and I more efficient. I will let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

I dream of being this organized! Great ideas Debbie and I do hope you get to review the book. There's no way I could have that many boxes in our house so the modified ways are definitely nice to see.

BTW, we got the postcard, tell Noah to look for some mail soon!

Debbie said...

Kim- I will let Noah know. Glad you got the postcard!