I love after Christmas Sales!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Normally the day after Christmas we go buy wrapping paper, gift tags and bags at 1/2 off.  And that is just what we did today.  But I scored on something else just by chance this year.  I try to think ahead and buy food ahead when it goes on sale. This isn't only to save money, but sometimes we don't get certain foods up here because of shipping problems or because of a bad growing season.  Getting pumpkin was a problem this past fall. My friend actually had to get pumpkin from me this fall because there was NONE on the shelves! 

Well, today when I walked into our local grocery store there was organic pumpkin, pumpkin pie mix, and sweet potatoes!  They were all half off  at $.79/can and less expensive than the non-organic stuff!!!!!  Yipee!  I bought about 40 cans total!

Yes, I am nuts.  But the stuff should last until 2012!  We will go through it by that time!  Normally I wouldn't buy pumpkin pie mix, but there was more of that than the regular canned pumpkin.  I think I may be able to alter recipes so that I can still use it.  This afternoon I successfully made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with a can of the pumpkin pie mix. I just reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup instead of the 2 cups it calls for.  I am hoping that I can subsitute sweet potatoes for pumpkin in some recipes.  If you have any tips on substituting  pumpkin pie mix or sweet potatoes for canned pumpkin let me know.

I am thrilled with my find! It is going to be a long time before I buy pumpkin again! In case you are interested, here is what we do with pumpkin.


melissa said...

Oh, my! I too live in Alaska so I know exactly what you mean about things like this...my motto is buy it when you see because it might not be there when you go back!
Happy New Year!
I am a lurker no more!

Debbie said...

Melissa- Where are you in AK? Nice to hear from someone here in the state!