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Sunday, March 27, 2016

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Have you joined the coloring craze yet? I absolute love coloring in the evening for a few minutes. It helps me relax and unwind. I also love reading. So what could be better than coloring pages about great pieces of literature?! Sherlock, The Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables. Tolkien and Jane Austen. So many good ones to choose from! Read on to see what is available...

{NOTE: Most of these books have photos of sample pages in the review section. Take a peek to see if it is a style you would enjoy coloring.}


Sherlock: A Coloring Book Adventure

Brothers Grimm

A Brothers Grimm Coloring Book and Other Classic Fairy Tales: Escape into a World of Fantasy and Imagination


Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book

Tolkien's World: A Fantasy Coloring Book

Jane Austen

Color Me Jane: A Jane Austen Coloring Book-This one comes out in July.

Classic Coloring: Jane Austen (Adult Coloring Book): 55 Removable Coloring Plates-This one comes out in June.

The Time Garden (Story through Pictures)

The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book (Time Series)-This is not based on a literature book, but rather it is its own story as you go through the pages. Pretty cool idea!

The Time Chamber (Story through Pictures)

The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book (Time Series)-The second book in the series. It also tells a story as you move through the coloring pages.

 Anne of Green Gables

Color the Classics: Anne of Green Gables: A Coloring Book Visit to Prince Edward Island-This one just released!

Wizard of Oz

Color the Classics: The Wizard of Oz: A Coloring Book Trip Down the Yellow-Brick Road-Coming out in June!

The Snow Queen

Color the Classics: The Snow Queen: A Frozen Fantasy Coloring Book-Available in August.

Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Fairy Tale -This one is so adorable!! Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, Arabian Nights, Three Little Pigs and tons more!

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Tools for coloring:

Here is what I use...

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils-These soft core pencils are great for laying down color in large areas.

Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils-These are what I use for detail work.

Sanford Prismacolor Colored Pencil Accessory Set, 7-Piece-Love this! The blender pencil is such a fun item to use to blend color. It also includes erasers, a sharpener, and a pencil lengthener.

LolliZ Gel Pens -When I don't want to go the pencil route I use these. Bolder colors.

Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Ink Pen Set-I LOVE these pencils. The metallic quality is awesome!

Happy coloring!!

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