Word of the Year for 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hope is what is needed...

When you lose your job
When you lose a friend
When you your health falls apart
When you are devastated
When a spouse walks out
When a child rebels {and that child is yours}
When you are grieving
When all of life turns on you...

Hope is the answer to keep going. These days I am in a season of hope. Waiting to see what God will do with the pieces that remain. I have gone through the hard grief. I have worked through a lot of the hurt. I have moved into a phase of healing. Now is the time to hope. A time to wait in expectation for what God will do in my life.

We all need hope whether you are currently experiencing a devastation or you are like me...in the recovery period. We all need a reason to hang on just a little longer. I know I do more than ever in my life. So this year I am focusing on hope. It will be my Word of the Year for 2015.

Are you hurting? In need of something to hang onto? Will you join me this year as I explore hope? I will be continuing what I started in 2014, Verses of Hope, in which I focus on a verse or two of God's Word that have the potential to give us hope.

Here are the verses that I have already written about, and you can always go to the top of the blog and click on the tab "Verses of Hope" to find them all. It is my prayer that they will help you through whatever you may be going through.

If you are going through the process of healing from a devastating hurt (or simply a hurt that won't let go), there are other resources here for you. Please check these out...

So join me as I journey towards hope...

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Brenda Prince said...

What a wonderful word - one that has so much meaning and promise to it.. I wish you all the best for 2015 with your journey of healing and with finding Hope :)

Jeannie Pallett said...

I am beside you on Faith Barista and am with you on your journey in hope. Hope seems like a spiritual discipline almost...hope thou in God my soul. Hope in God is something we must focus on and practise and I am grateful that we walk with a God who helps us in our times of weakness. May He be your mighty strength as you hope in Him.