A Grateful Heart

Monday, August 11, 2014

It has been an amazing week filled with blessings!


-My son finally home
-A trip to the fair
-Getting a bunch of paperwork done

-A new look on my blog! So happy with it!
-The season of BLT's now that the tomatoes are ripening

-And the cabbage are amazing also...

-Copies made for my Spanish lessons
-A friend that helps out with my sons
-A side job for one of my sons to earn a little cash for a trip
-The time to get my work done
-Sunny weather
-Watching my husband show a lamb of one of my former Spanish students at the fair
-Corn fritters
-Reading the Psalms of Ascent
-Highlighters and markers for Bible study
-The kindness of a stranger

-A gardening buddy who loves to take a drink from the hose

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