Soul Seller

Friday, April 18, 2014

Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, but that isn't all he sold. He sold his soul. Anytime we work against a friend, fellow Christian, or family member we work against ourselves. The price of betrayal is way too high for the betrayer. 

Look at what Judas "gained" in betraying Jesus...

~Last in line. Anytime the names of the disciples are listed Judas lands up last. He is the least of the Twelve. 

~A replacement. See Acts 1:25. Judas is replaced soon after Christ returns to heaven. Most betrayers are replaced in our lives with those that are trustworthy. 

~Death. We all know that Judas killed himself. Most betrayers do...kill themselves in a sense. They sacrifice their reputations. They kill trust. They murder their relationships. 

We make think that our betrayers get away with murder. Not so, because they sell their souls in the process. We can leave them in God's hands knowing that He will take care of the details. The vengeance is His, not ours.

Betrayal doesn't do unnoticed by Christ.  Run to Him if you are feeling betrayed. He, more than anyone else, understands. We don't need to take justice into our own hands.  Hand your betrayer over to the custody of Christ. Once betrayed the best we can do is pray for those that inflicted the hurt.  Pray blessings over their lives.  Pray that they will heal.  Pray that the forgiveness from our hearts will flow so we can heal. 

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