Spoiling the Bounty

Monday, April 21, 2014

They wanted it all.  Even the tree with the fruit in the middle of the garden.  All the fruit wasn't enough if they couldn't have the forbidden ones.  Oh, how they didn't realize that we spoil that which we are given when we lack gratitude. We throw all that He is given aside for the one thing that will do us no good.  When will we learn? A problem as old as time...spoiling the bounty to get to the taboo. He is always out for our good.  He is always blessing.  We can find all that He gives if we will just focus on what we do have instead of what we don't.  Ask the couple in the garden.  They knew. It never pays to desire what you shouldn't have in the first place. Make a gift list and thank Him for all that you have...


-Having a voice
-Easter and all that it means
-The birth of a new baby 
-That God is doing a new thing!
-Getting near the end of the semester
-God blessing in ways I didn't see coming
-Getting together with friends we haven't seen in awhile
-That Christ brings freedom
-Learning to stand up for myself
-Chocolate peanut butter eggs
-Time with my boys
-Encouragement from a friend
-The blessing of writing a curriculum for a Christian summer camp.  
-Time praying over the counselors and campers who will receive the lessons I am writing.
-Confirmation I am not crazy! LOL  Always a good thing!
-Titan trying to navigate walking on snow when it is melting.  Humorous!

-The snow...almost gone
-My son's interest in history
-This reminder: "Comparison is the thief of joy."-Theodore Roosevelt

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