When There Is No Time {Easy Freezer Meals to Throw Together}

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sometimes life is just too busy.  Who has time to cook?  Who has time to even get ahead in life and stock the freezer?  I have had months like that.  It is during those seasons in life that I stock the freezer in the simplest fashion I know how.

Here is a list of meal ideas that can be quickly thrown together and piled in the freezer:

-Cook up a LARGE batch of hamburger.  Divide it and make some of it into taco meat and some of it into a sloppy joe mixture.

-Meatloaf (just mix and shape and put in the freezer).  You have two options you can put the mixture into a gallon Ziploc and shape it into a log form and freeze.  Then when ready to cook, take it out of the bag (frozen) and put on a tray to cook it.  Or you can cook it in the crockpot too.

-Marinades.  Mix up marinades for grilled chicken.

-"Dump" Soup recipes like taco soup. Open up the cans.  Dump it all together and freeze.

Here are a few tricks to shorten the cooking involved in harder recipes:

-NEVER roll your enchiladas!  I just layer the ingredients.  Sure it isn't traditional, but it works.

- NEVER pre-cook your lasagna noodles!  And don't use the no-boil ones if you are going to freeze the lasagna.  They turn to mush if they have been in the freezer.  To make your lasagna just layer it with uncooked noodles and then add about 1/4 cup water to the top of the lasagna before freezing.  The process of freezing and thawing and then baking "cooks" the noodles just right.


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