Broken-Down House

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We live in a world gone wrong.  Sin has devastated our living conditions.  It has marred all that it touches.

Broken-Down House by Paul David Tripp talks about the weird conditions we live in.  A world where we desperately need grace because of our neediness and sin nature. So how do we live in a world distorted by sin?  How do we not let our surroundings dictate our lives?

One of the concepts in Tripp's book surrounds the idea of a "Dissatisfied Redeemer".  God wants to totally redeem every situation in our lives.  He wants to totally redeem every person including ourselves.  He is dissatisfied until He eradicates the sin in our lives. He will stop at nothing to clean out the ick.  And while He wants us sin-free, He knows that on this side of heaven we will struggle.  So there is grace.  Tripp comments, "Grace will put you in your place without ever putting you down."  He wants to redeem it all.

Another concept in the book deals with the "anger of grace".  There are two sides to God's anger (God gets angry? Yes, He does!). There is justice and then mercy. Justice means that He punishes the wrong, whereas mercy is His deliverance. As Tripp says, "God's anger is beautiful because it assures us that everything sin twisted will be straightened.  Everything sin has broken will be restored."  We can go forward because we know He will redeem every situation.

This year my "Word of the Year" is REDEEMED. I had no idea when I picked up Broken-Down House that I would be reading a book on how God redeems all things.  I am watching and waiting to see His redemption in many areas of my life.  The waiting is the hard part.  But Tripp's words of wisdom give me hope that God will stop at nothing until He redeems it all.

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