The Deeper the Pit the Longer the List

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We made the pit.  Dug our own graves.  It all started because we didn't say, "Thanks". Such a simple word.  Such a hard attitude to maintain.

We come from a long line of pit makers and pit dwellers.  Ever since that fateful day when a snake slithered closer in a garden. The grass may be greener on the other side, but that day the fruit was bigger, juicier, tastier. And we, two mere mortals, were ungrateful.  We didn't have enough.  We wanted something better.  Never mind that we already had it, God Himself.  We didn't want God. We wanted to be God.  Our pit dwelling days began with the simple indentation in a fruit. We would never be the same. We would never be God.

Today we continue to be pit dwellers. Sometimes they are pits of our design.  Other times they are made for us by circumstances, people, life. But regardless of how they are made, there is only one way to make it out of them. Gratitude.  The lack of it got us there in the first place so many years ago.  The plethora of it now has the power to get us out.

Almost four years in the making.  A gratitude list.  Writing out all those gifts from God has been one of the best things I have ever done.  I am finding that the deeper the pit we are in the longer the list should be. The more we suffer the more we thank.  It is the only way out of the pit.  To do the hard thing.  To give thanks for the pit.  To choose to show gratitude for what we do have as opposed to what we don't have.  Pit dwelling doesn't have to be permanent if we create a list long enough to climb out.

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