Gratitude Redeems

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22

Where did we get the idea that this life would be a cake walk?  A mere stroll in the park?  When life bruises why are we shocked by it?  Didn't He say "in this life you will have troubles"? Maybe it is sickness...of the body or the mind.  Maybe it is relationships or in memories.  Maybe it is the hope unfulfilled, the tragedy encountered, the death unwanted.  We should not be shocked.  He endured physical pain, emotional torment, the rejection of others, and a death that no one would want.  And if He didn't escape, why do we think that we would?

This year I carefully chose the word REDEEMED as my Word of the Year.  And only a fourth of the way into the year, I struggle to see the redemption.  How do you redeem the pain of a past broken and bruised?  How can the death of relationships be redeemed?  How do you take the ugly and find the beautiful? You give thanks for...

Brokenness, grief, death, ugliness 

Does He not redeem it all if we will but give it to Him and thank Him for it?  Let it go.  Release it into His hands and see what He can make of it. Because EVERYTHING the Artist touches turns to beauty if we will just allow Him to work.  Holding on to it only creates more brokenness.  More grief.  More death.  More ugliness.  And who needs more of those things?  Yet, giving thanks for what He has allowed brings peace and joy.  Acceptance with gratitude brings about a turning of events...

And we know that in ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love him...Romans 8:28


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