Giving Thanks in All Things

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gently reminded this week that no matter what is going on that it is always time to give thanks...


-Going to several graduations
-Getting plants ready for the garden
-Flowers that are more beautiful each day

-Free coffee
-Another layer of grief dealt with
-Watching the birds at Creamer's field
-A free squash plant
-A reminder as I drive that He is watching out for me even though things seem rough

-Making the hard choice in obedience
-A moose walking across the road
-Soccer shoes and shin guards for free
-Getting organized for upcoming events
-Extra rest while sick
-Sleeping in
-Babysitting a sweet little girl
-Learning that He holds me even in the hard spots
-The blessing of being broken
-Ministering to youth that I adore
-An unexpected gift given

-Hot tea for a sore throat
-Humor from the youth today

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